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Driven by passion for exquisite Awadhi cuisine.

Established in the year 2000, Gazebo Group aspired to introduce a fascinating style of cuisine to the UAE. Since it’s creation, Gazebo Group has been recognized for paring impeccable cuisine with exceptional service, and doing both with an unparalleled sense of style. Driven by passion for exquisite Awadhi cuisine, the group currently comprises of two of the regions most popular and recognized brands, Gazebo Restaurant and Gazebo Catering.

The Brands

Gazebo Restaurant

Dum Pukht cuisine that is almost legendary.

Home of the finest Indian fare – Gazebo Restaurant is famed for its Dum Pukht cuisine that is almost legendary. The chain’s claim to fame is hidden in the ‘recipe-legacy’ that has been passed down generations of royal chefs who presided over Mughal kitchens in the courts of Awadh. It is with those very recipes, using traditional preparation methods that each offering on the menu is prepared till date, which makes for a dining experience that is truly extraordinary.

Gazebo Catering

Catering nothing short of perfection.

From small beginnings, Gazebo Catering has grown into one of the leading catering companies in the UAE. More than just a catering division, it is a team of talented individuals with an impressive skills base, a wealth of experience and a real understanding of how the industry operates. Gazebo Catering’s expertise covers all aspects of catering an event, taking an individual approach to each project, with the same enthusiasm and commitment. Exceptional industry knowledge remains the key to Gazebo Catering’s success.


The workforce at Gazebo Group has a passion for impeccable food and caring hospitality. We reward and encourage exceptional performance through a friendly, fulfilling work environment. To explore new opportunities and potentially become part of Gazebo Group. fill in the details below.
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